We Got A Makeover!


You’ve probably noticed that things look a bit different around here.  Earlier this year, the Jefferson Hills Public Library began working with Plus Public, LLC to create a new logo and website.  We wanted an updated, inviting website that highlighted all the exciting things we’re doing at the library, and we needed a new logo that better reflected the library as a vibrant, modern organization.

Our new logo represents everything the Jefferson Hills Public Library is and strives to be: accessible, friendly, inclusive, growing, and a community anchor.  It celebrates our wonderful community and shows that the library is an integral part of life.

Using the new logo colors, Plus Public embarked on a total overhaul of our existing website.  The new, easier-to-navigate site makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s the latest best-seller, information about one of the many programs we offer, or information on the online resources available.  Our new website is an extension of our physical space, and our goal is to be as helpful and welcoming online as we are in person.